Rede Asta

Rede Asta was founded in 2005 by Alice Freitas and Rachel Schettino. Their objective is to empower women artisans living in vulnerable areas of Rio de Janeiro. It started with helping artisans groups enhance their products and selling them through Asta’s own sales channels. After 12 years of operations and many lessons learned, Rede Asta has decided to focus on it’s two main areas of actions: Impact and Business.

Concerning the Impact field, Asta has developed an innovative capacity building program called the Business School for Artisans, based on the knowledge acquired working with artisans and with the market. The school provides relevant contents regarding business and human capital management, production and sales.

Regarding the Business field, Asta is focusing on the wholesale market selling corporate gifts for companies produced by the trained artisans base, using the companies discarded materials, operating a circular production cycle.

In 2018, Asta will launch an online Platform called Entusiasta to tackle, through three e-tools, the 3 major gaps of the handmade economy in Brazil:

  • the lack of managerial knowledge which would allow the artisans the to become more professional entrepreneurs: The Business School of Artisans will provide e-training
  • the lack of sales: a virtual space – ArtConecta - will connect artisans to markets
  • the lack of collaboration amongst artisans (only 1% of the artisans make business with one another which prevent scalability): a network dedicated to artisans will enhance their collaboration: ArtisanNet

This online platform will allow Rede Asta to move from a local approach to a systemic one, creating a social technology available to the 8 million artisans active in Brazil.

Entusiasta’s purpose is to transform the Brazilian handmade production into a relevant industry, generating women’s work, social and economic inclusion.

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