CANELA focuses its aid on the support of educational projects dedicated to populations with limited access to higher education, primarily due to transportation and financial factors. Preferred projects train community leaders and educators who in turn are committed to organizing educational projects at the community level.

Supported projects include the School of Faith and Leadership in West Africa and the “Semillas de Esperanza” program in El Salvador and Guatemala. Both projects train community leaders and teachers who then give classes on responsible citizenship, peaceful coexistence of religiously and ethnically diverse populations, parenting and small business administration to thousands of persons.

With the financial support of Canela, these qualitative programs are taught to poor populations too.

Due to these programs, existing teaching and training structures are operated by honest and efficient actors, making services more reliable and creating corruption-free circles in many areas of West African and Central American life.

The purpose is to transform corrupt societies in emerging democracies.

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