Ordre de Malte France

The association is represented in France by its 106 local offices.

On the international stage, the Order of Malta France is active in 27 countries where it performs healthcare, assistance and medical training work with the aim of enabling access to facilitated good-quality healthcare for everyone.

“It is our mission to bring help to populations, both in France and abroad, affected by disease, disability, addiction, conflict, natural disasters and any other plight. The Order of Malta France protects life from its beginning to its natural end. It also intervenes in civil protection operations, acts of solidarity and assistance for migrants."
Art.1 of the Statutes

Our Roles
Our staff and volunteer teams take action every day in:

  • Fighting Exclusion: accommodating and supporting people who are facing hardship (deprivation, homelessness)
  • Helping Migrants and Refugees: through what we call our “Migrants Hub”, we provide material, social, psychological and legal support to migrants and refugees, helping them to integrate.

Since 2010, we are authorized to intervene in the Administrative Detention Centers - places of detention where refugees are waiting to be sent back to their countries or to a host third state- to assist them legally and ensure their rights are respected.

The order of Malta has become, through the years, an expert in the legal and social assistance too migrants.

  • First Aid: public service work, training for professionals and volunteers, prevention, field work, first aid posts and international emergency response work.
  • Healthcare
    - in France: running social-welfare and healthcare institutions addressing the fields of addiction, autism, disability and infant healthcare.
    - abroad: running maternity clinics, hospitals, health centers and pharmacies and providing material and financial assistance for healthcare institutions; implementing programs of measures to fight major epidemics.
  • Training
    - in France: training paramedics on first aid, risk prevention and on the professions within the healthcare and social-welfare sector.
    - abroad: training on first aid, on the paramedic profession and on ophthalmology and training for healthcare staff.

Our Values
The Order of Malta France puts humans at the heart of everything it does.
It draws on Christian values of respect for others, helping those less fortunate and the vulnerable with a view to achieving genuine human development.

The basis for the engagement of both volunteers and staff of the Order of Malta France, is:

  • the inalienable dignity of the human being
  • considering the social and interpersonal dimension of every person
  • caring about the hardship of others

In order to preserve the trust of all, the Order of Malta France remains neutral, allowing it to act in accordance with the values and principles that drive it.

Photography © PREMIYA

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