Association Fran├žois-Xavier Bagnoud

FXB is a non-profit organization created in 1989 by Albina du Boisrouvray in honor of her son François-Xavier Bagnoud. Present in 14 countries with a staff of 450, its mission is to provide the most vulnerable families with the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient. Through 4 main domains of intervention, namely Community Development, Health, Education and Protection, FXB positively impacted over 17 million children, men and women across 20 countries.


1001 Fontaines

Since its creation in 2004, 1001 Fontaines has focused its efforts on enabling rural populations to produce safe drinking water locally through the creation of social micro-enterprises.

The three pillars of the model are water quality, accessibility (including affordability for beneficiaries) and sustainability.


Rede Asta

Rede Asta is a social business working in the handmade economy in Brazil by developing artisans into entrepreneurs and transforming waste into upcycled products for companies. 

Through education, skills enhancement, design training and innovation we offer capacity-building for artisans (mainly women) from low income communities in order to increase their sales and develop efficient and sustainable production techniques. Our goal is to integrate and foster the handmade economy and the upcycling production in Brazil.

Since 2005, this model has benefited more than 1,500 people and transformed 3 tons of waste into handmade products.