Natangué Sénégal

Natangué Sénégal works in the coastal town of Mbour, a community which suffers from massive internal migration : over the past 20 years (2007-2017), Mbour has grown from 60,000 to 400,000 inhabitants.

The educational and healthcare systems struggle to keep up.

Natangué Sénégal works closely with local partners such as the Municipality of Mbour and the Inspectorate of National Education.

Our main project aims at building solid and spacious schools for children, starting at the age of 3.

Health is a very important concern for the association which opened a community infirmary in 2013, allowing the teachers to look after the health of their preschools pupils, thus decreasing the rate of child mortality which is very high in the region.

It’s inception, Natangué Sénégal has been able to build over 50 classrooms across multiple public schools in Mbour. The close relationship of the association with the local government ensures that our schools are permanently operated and well maintained.

With the support of If International Foundation, natangué Sénégal will build a modern, well-equipped maternity clinic which will be operational before October 2018.

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