The Sumba Foundation

The Sumba Foundation’s core initiative programs are:

- Providing access to drinking water through water wells and water stations

- Health Care including:

  • General Health Consultation through a network of 4 clinics
  • Comprehensive Malaria Control
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Eye Care

- Nutrition addressing the issues of severe malnutrition among children aged 6 months to 13 years old:
a. the School Lunch Project provides 3 nutritious meals per week to a number of primary schools
b. the 6-month Infant Nutrition Program support severely undernourished babies needing immediate intervention until they reach a normal weight and show a satisfying growth curve.

- Learning Development: the English Language Project is teaching primary and secondary school children English and basic computer skills.

- Support to the public education system at primary level: a number of selected schools (22 in 2018 welcoming 5500 children) are supplied with water, toilets, tables and chairs, libraries, teaching aids for the teachers and school supplies.

- Economic Opportunities to develop local businesses


The Sumba Foundation is constantly evolving to meet the current and future needs of the Sumbanese people. After building a solid foundation of better health and basic education for the community, we are now moving to even better education and new skills training, creating employment and small-scale business opportunities for coming generations.

Our aid plan is based on 30 years of firsthand knowledge of the island and its people. In those years, we have closely observed the way of life of the Sumbanese and we have consulted with them about their most urgent needs and aspirations. We have also gathered information from anthropologists, foreign volunteers, aid workers and the government to formulate the way forward.

Our aid philosophy is to help people help themselves.

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