Association M├ędicale Franco-Asiatique

The Franco-Asian Medical Association (AMFA) was formed in 1979 by four French doctors: Professors Alain Patel and Le Bourgeois, Doctors Michel Bléry and Pierre Lasjaunias - under the stewardship of René Descartes - Paris V University. 


  • to train doctors, resuscitation specialists, radiologists and nurses with the aim of bringing local caregivers up to a good level of medical competence
  • to equip and renovate the facilities where they work
  • to ensure continuity: volunteer bio-medical technicians come from France to train local technicians and provide continuity in the maintenance of the medical equipment to make sure local expertise will continue
  • to provide care

Over the years, our initiatives have been deployed in Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, Taiwan (where we set up an emergency ambulance service for the entire country and introduced a university Master’s degree in Interventional Neuroradiology), Laos (establishing the Trauma Hospital in Vientiane and co-running it for 10 years) and Burma.

AMFA has had a presence in Burma since 1980, when there was not a single country providing assistance, firstly training doctors and nurses and secondly renovating and equipping hospitals to enable the specialists to work there in good conditions.

Since 2000, AMFA has been investing in the construction and operation of pharmacies linked to the hospitals supported by AMFA. The specialisms receiving assistance are orthopaedic surgery, cardiac surgery, paediatric surgery, resuscitation anaesthesia, dermatology and gynaecology.

As of 2016, there are 9 hospital facilities and 22 pharmacies that gave received AMFA’s assistance.

Objectives for 2017:

  • Help and maintain the hospitals of Myeik, caring for the poor children there.
  • Organise and support assignments of surgeons, doctors, anaesthetists and technicians.
  • Support the establishment of a surgery school in Yangon.
  • Support cardiac surgery assignments in Mandalay.
  • Renovate and start operations at pharmacies at Thandwe, Myeik and the Irrawady Delta.
  • Improve hygiene conditions in the villages.
  • Organise and support gynaecology assignments for detecting and treating precancerous cervical lesions and breast cancer.

AMFA has been training, equipping and ensuring continuity for 38 years thanks to the dedication of volunteer doctors.

At present, all of AMFA’s initiatives are deployed in Myanmar.

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