Impact Hope Foundation

The Impact Hope Foundation sets out to promote education that reflects all dimensions of the individual: training and learning, the ability to think, understand and feel, and ultimately the spiritual dimension that gives meaning. It is aimed at marginalised people in developing countries. It wants to work together with them, with material support, to build their life plans. Individual care that leads to a social transformation on the community level.

These initiatives are in demand amongst local people for the purposes of increased autonomy and a more secure future, to strengthen local organisations, and to promote synergies amongst the countries of the South.

Our projects operate in several countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. They operate in various different ways depending on the local contexts and cultures and ultimately aim to promote a fair society serving everyone.

In specific terms, the foundation supports training and socio-economic integration for young people, the struggle against the exploitation of people, the rehabilitation of populations ravaged by war, the promotion of a more welcoming society for marginalised people.

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