Who we are



IF International Foundation is a Swiss, independent, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to improving living conditions and life prospects for the most vulnerable across the world by supporting education, insertion, social entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, health, oceans preservation, medical and scientific research and, culture.

The foundation also focuses on promising individuals to enable them to reach their full potential.

The foundation invests its resources wherever its engagement can create a sustainable difference.


IF International Foundation envisages a world where every human being lives with dignity and where our societies are driven by moral, spiritual and Christian values. 

The foundation wishes to act with respect to every individuality.


To contribute towards the fair and sustainable development of our world.
To empower people sustainably, enabling them to build rewarding lives.
To facilitate access to education and training.
To help people become independent and successful entrepreneurs.
To support women in pursuing safe, independent and rewarding lives.
To improve access to healthcare.
To further research into the areas of medicine, science and new technologies within an ethical framework.
To give promising individuals the opportunity to reach their full potential and to offer their helpful discoveries and advances for the world.
To improve environmental preservation.
To preserve our cultural heritage.
To support Christianity worldwide.


To help developing and strengthening human capital and humanity itself, in the light of spiritual and Christian values whilst acting to preserve our planet, driven by a spirit of solidarity, empathy and respect, trying to heal and fulfil people not only physically and intellectually but also spiritually.

To initiate virtuous circles of constructive solidarity, generating sustainable positive changes in all domains.

Values and Guidelines

The foundation is inspired by the following values, within specific guidelines:


  • Christian Values
  • Solidarity
  • Equal opportunities for everyone
  • Human rights protection
  • Women’s rights protection


  • Focus on the most vulnerable people
  • Faith in the potential of every human being
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Motivation


Foundation Board


Alexandre is the CEO of Rhone, an international group that provides clients with financial planning advice & support. Before joining Rhone, he went on to work for different financial services companies and prestigious law firms. Alexandre holds a number of positions with charitable institutions. He acts as a trustee for Founder’s Pledge and is active with Philanthropy Impact Geneva as well as a number of smaller private organisations. Alexandre is a qualified Swiss lawyer and tax expert.


Philippe is a registered European lawyer, member of the bars of Paris and Quebec.
He is a member of the Canadian panel of arbitrators at the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.
He is affiliated to McGill University, assuming various roles and responsibilities:

  • member of the Faculty Advisory Board – Faculty of Law
  • founder and financial sponsor of the Philippe Lette Fellowships in Comparative Law
  • member of the Advisory Board (UK and Europe), McGill University.

 His involvements in the philanthropic and humanitarian areas are numerous: he is an active member and a supporter of organizations promoting human rights, fighting torture and preventing cruelty to animals.
He was also a founding member of “Le Kinkeliba”, an organization providing medical aid in West Africa.

Executive Team


Valentine has been working in philanthropy since 2008. Her involvement started through the creation of the family foundation, an initiative of her father.
She firstly assumed the responsibility of member of the Board before taking up the function of director in 2012. She still holds this position.
From 2012 to 2017, Valentine has been active within Giving Women, a Swiss network of philanthropist women offering their time and skills in order to strengthen projects dedicated to women.
In 2014, she became a consultant for other charitable foundations advising them on their development strategy, projects selection, and communication.
Joining If International Foundation is a new and exciting challenge that meets her aspirations to contribute to a fairer and more responsible world.
She considers the foundation as a fantastic instrument to advance the cause of vulnerable populations and to take action to restore our planet.