IF is a Swiss, independent and not-for-profit foundation.

The Foundation acts for a more equitable, responsible, inclusive and caring world. Its work is motivated by Judeo-Christian values and driven by a spirit of empathy and solidarity for those in need and distress.

Believing in the right to equal opportunity and in the universality of human potential, the Foundation aims at providing opportunities to everyone, valorising and enhancing people’s talent and motivation. IF actively seeks to initiate virtuous circles of impact that go beyond the immediate activities it supports. It does so by empowering organizations and people that can - in turn - empower others and thus act as multipliers of the original support received.


Every human being is able to exercise his rights and achieve his potential through access to quality education, healthcare and a dignified work.


To enable people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, to access education, healthcare, employment and lead safe, dignified and fulfilling lives, regardless of gender, race, nationality and religion.

Values and Guidelines

The foundation is inspired by the following values, within specific guidelines:


  • Judeo-Christian Values
  • Human Rights protection
  • Equal opportunities for everyone
  • Advancement of women
  • Solidarity


  • Focus on the most vulnerable people
  • Faith in the potential of every human being
  • Sustainability
  • Motivation
  • Innovation


The foundation selects partners who are well positioned to bring sustainable and systemic improvements to some of the majors issues of our time: poverty, inequality, marginalization, access to quality healthcare, education and employment.