Fondation FondaMental 

Fondation FondaMental is a private entity, created by the French Ministry of Research in 2007.  Its goals are to fight against major psychiatric disorders such as autism spectrum disorders, resistant depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

The action is implemented through a French network of expert centers and research laboratories dedicated to the improvement of psychiatric disorders treatments. 

Psychiatric disorders are a major public health challenge, insufficiently addressed by the French State.


The Human Technology Foundation

The Foundation supports the activities of the OPTIC network, mainly researches activities conducted by scientists and anthropologists.

OPTIC (Order of Preachers for Technologies, Information and Communication) is an international research and innovation network dedicated to the ethical challenges induced by the breakthrough technologies. The network was launched in 2012 in Rome, Italy,  by the Dominican Order, a Catholic Order of Preachers, but has autonomy in choosing the themes of its research.

Its work extends the tradition of secular dialogue between science and wisdom.