l’Œuvre d’Orient

Founded in 1856 by secular professors from Sorbonne University, l’Œuvre d’Orient is a French association that is devoted to helping Christians in the East. A church movement, it is under the protection of the Archbishop of Paris.

Thanks to its 76,500 donors, it supports the work of bishops and priests from a dozen eastern catholic churches and more than 60 religious congregations who help anyone, regardless of their faith.

L’Œuvre d’Orient has three main missions – education, medical and social care, and pastoral care – and works in 23 countries. Since the start of the conflict in Iraq and Syria, it has also been providing humanitarian aid on the ground to displaced populations and refugees in the Middle East.


The Human Technology Foundation

The Foundation supports the activities of the OPTIC network, mainly researches activities conducted by scientists and anthropologists.

OPTIC (Order of Preachers for Technologies, Information and Communication) is an international research and innovation network dedicated to the ethical challenges induced by the breakthrough technologies. The network was launched in 2012 in Rome, Italy,  by the Dominican Order, a Catholic Order of Preachers, but has autonomy in choosing the themes of its research.

Its work extends the tradition of secular dialogue between science and wisdom.